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Ancient Astronauts/ Genetic Manipulation/ Missing link

Fact - DNA proves that Homo Erectus ( hominin genus subfamily Homininae) are direct descendants of Australopithecus (early hominins) which evolved from Sahelanthropus tchadensis, a fossil ape originally classified as the oldest possible member of the human family tree, but more recently as a Miocene ape related to humans and other living African apes, that is thought to have lived approximately 7 million years ago.


Fact - DNA proves we (homo sapiens) are NOT descendants of apes, homo erectus or any other species on record - we are a completelydifferent species that inexplicably came out of nowhere. There is however, evidence that we somehow share DNA with Neanderthal. The reason for this is because, well, we do.

Until recently, mainstream science had trouble with this scenario for obvious reasons. Try researching "hybrid Neanderthal skeleton found in Portugal" for a new perspective.

According to modern evolutionary theory, all populations of organisms are in transition. Therefore, a "transitional form" is a human construct that vividly represents a particular evolutionary stage, as recognized in hindsight.

Ancient astronaut adherents often claim that humans are either descendants or creations of beings who landed on Earth millennia ago. An associated theory is that much of human knowledge, religion and culture came from extraterrestrial visitors in ancient times, in that ancient astronauts acted as a “mother culture”. These ideas are generally discounted by the scientific community.


Ancient astronaut theories also may include the idea that civilization may have evolved on Earth twice, and that the visitation of ancient astronauts may reflect the return of descendants of ancient humans whose population was separated from earthbound humans.[citation needed]
Proponents of ancient astronaut theories point to what they perceive as gaps in historical and archaeological records, and to what they see as absent or incomplete explanations of historical or archaeological data. Ancient astronaut proponents cite evidence that they argue supports their assertions, notably, archaeological artifacts that they argue are anachronistic or beyond the presumed technical capabilities of the historical cultures with which they are associated (sometimes referred to as "Out-of-place artifacts"); and artwork and legends which are interpreted as depicting extraterrestrial contact or technologies.

Scientists maintain that gaps in contemporary knowledge of the past do not demonstrate that such speculative ancient astronaut ideas are a necessary, or even plausible, conclusion to draw.The scientific community remains generally skeptical, and the dominant view is that there is no evidence to support ancient astronaut and paleocontact theories.

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