Saturday, April 3, 2010

Which way for Physics?
by kellyneill
An excerpt from a lecture given by Brian Josephson at the 58th Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau (Germany). Armed with compelling evidence that many in the scientific community have a vested interest in discrediting new discoveries which challenge established dogma, Josephson argues that the laws of physics are the consequence of self-organization rather than being derivative of universal laws. This video is the speaker's edit of the original recording by the European Broadcasting Union.

Professor Josephson is a Welsh physicist whose discovery of the Josephson effect while a 22-year-old graduate student

won him a share (with Leo Esaki and Ivar Giaever) of the 1973 Nobel Prize for Physics. He was appointed Reader in Physics in 1972 and Professor of Physics in 1974. He was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1970. In addition to winning a Nobel Prize, Josephson is the recipient of numerous awards and medals. For more information, visit

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Part 3:

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